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Join two SharePoint 2010 lists using CAML

December 6, 2012

Join two SharePoint 2010 lists using CAML
There is perhaps new to you, but I learned that it is possible to combine two or more lists with CAML query. I tried the CAML query builder, but did not know how to use the combination. So I created a small console application to test this. I created two lists. List of “Projects”, with the title and a lookup column (“Phase”) to the positive list “Phasen” in the title field. Now I’d like to have a data table that combines the values ​​that are added to the list “Phasen”, for example, the result wow.El field should look like this afterwords: The column “wow” comes from the second list “Phasen.” My lists are configured as: Let me show you the code and an epilogue me explain a little ‘more. (Read more …)


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